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James Quigley — aka Gunsho — is an American cartoonist known for visceral drawings and colorful screen prints. His art has appeared in the form of record covers, shirt designs, comics, skateboard graphics, and animation for the likes of Heroin Skateboards, Nightstick, Kylesa, Street Carnage, Eyeball Comix, Andrew WK, Diplo & more.

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Death on Earth in Eyeball Comix #4

Get your hands on one because they are going fast.  EYEBALL   Read More


Warzone Sketches

Pen ink and marker drawing series ...


Goin' Native 2011 — $40.00

2011 GOIN' NATIVE Purchase in the store.


Hi, my name is and I would like to discuss . Get in touch with me at or, optionally, call . Here are some more details: