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James Quigley — aka Gunsho — is an American-born cartoonist. His art has appeared in the form of record covers, shirt designs, comics, skateboard graphics, and animation for the likes of Heroin Skateboards, Hidden Fortress Press, Eyeball Comix, Night Watch Studios, and PORK Magazine.

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Words with Art Whore Cult

Here we have an discussion with Art Whore Cult, a site from Down Under Art Talk – James Quigley aka GUNSHO of ‘Quigley’s Magic Shop’ 3 November 2014 James Quigley is an American artist whose goopy liquid style has seen him work for brands and artists as diverse as ‘Heroin Skateboards’, Andrew WK (on the …. video) and ‘Scumbags and Superstars’ to name but a few. (Picture below of a cartoon, by GUNSHO) With lots ahead, including James’ debut toy release with ‘Unbox Industries’, now is the perfect time to get to know James aka ‘GUNSHO’, by reading the Art ... Read More


Cheap Weird Meat #1

Cheap Weird Meat! Featuring Newton Doorpecker ...



Freedom Demon — $50.00

2012 Freedom Demon The ...

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